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IMV 2013 Cardiac Catheterization Lab Market Summary Report

Cardiac cath lab patient cases have increased at a rate of .5% per year since 2008 to 3.82 million in 2012 according to IMV's latest research. Purchasing activity for cath equipment is growing as more healthcare facilities look to replace aging equipment. IMV's 2013 Cardiac Catheterization Lab Market Summary Report finds the number of identified fixed cath lab systems has increased at an average annual growth rate of 3.3% since 2008.

Key Features

Cardiac Cath Lab Case Volume
-How many cardiac and non-cardiac cath lab cases were conducted in 2012?
-What is the trend in procedure volume?

Cath Lab Installed Base and Purchase Plans
-How many cath labs are installed, by site type?
-What is the installed base market share by vendor?
-What percent of the sites use cath labs for cardiac surgery?
-What is the equipment brand loyalty of current cath lab users?
-What percent of sites are planning to purchase cath labs over the next 3 years?

Related Equipment Used in Cath Labs
-What percent of sites have electrophysiology labs?
-Who is #1 in physiological monitoring systems?
-What is the vendor share trend for power injectors?

Site Operations Characteristics
-What is the average capital budget in 2012 and 2013?
-How many FTE technologists, nurses, administrators and secretaries are employed in cath labs?
-What is the trend in the average number of cath lab cases performed per FTE technologist?

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2013 Cardiac Cath Lab Market Summary Report

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