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2014 PET Market Summary Report

In 2014, the number of clinical PET and PET/CT scans perfomred in the U.S. was about 1.62 million. This is a net decrease of about 13% when compared to 2011. These scans were performed at approximately 2,350 sites using fixed or mobile PET, PET/CT or PET/MR scanners. The IMV 2014 PET Imaging Market Summary Report tracks the growth of PET imaging procedures, installed equipment, equipment market share, equipment purchase plans, radiopharmaceutical usage and other important market trends, making it an essential tool for strategic planning and market development initiatives.

Key Features

Key trends in clinical PET patient studies
-How many clinical PET studies were conducted in 2014 in hospital and non-hospital locations?
-How many were for oncology, cardiology and neurology clinical applications?
-How do the number and types of procedures compare to prior years?

PET Equipment Installed Base & Purchase Plans
-What is the installed base of fixed PET/CT and PET units in the U.S.?
-How many sites use mobile PET/CT or PET services?
-What is the installed base market share by vendor?
-What is the current replacement cycle for PET scanners?
-What is the brand loyalty of customers for future purchases?

Radiopharmaceutical Utilization and Budgets
-What is the market share by supplier for radiopharmaceuticals?
-What is the average radiopharmaceutical expenditure per PET scan?
-How much was spent on PET radiopharmaceuticals in 2014 per site and in total?

Site Operations Characteristics
-What types of FTE staff do departments with fixed PET/CT or PET utilize?
-How many patient studies are conducted per FTE?
-What are the typical operating hours of PET Departments?
-What is the typical waiting time for an outpatient PET study?

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2014 PET Imaging Market Summary Report

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  • Published: December 2014
  • Page Count: ~110
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  • Data formats available: PDF and paper document
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