Medical imaging facilities are most satisfied with the performance of their x-ray mammography systems compared with other imaging modalities, according to numbers from the IMV ServiceTrakTM survey for the first half of 2017.

Overall, 65% of respondents to the ServiceTrakTM survey reported that they were "highly satisfied" with the performance of their mammography system, the highest score among 10 imaging modalities. Next was CT at 62% and MRI at 58%. Customer satisfaction was lowest for x-ray radiography/fluoroscopy systems, with 43% saying they were "highly satisfied" with system performance.

Mammography also landed on top of the ServiceTrakTM category for Overall Manufacturer Performance, with 69% of respondents saying they were highly satisfied. CT won the third ServiceTrak category, Overall OEM Service Performance, with 77% of respondents reporting that they were highly satisfied.

The ratings for customer satisfaction for each of the three categories in 10 of the major medical imaging modalities in the first-half 2017 ServiceTrakTM survey are listed in the slideshow below. Click "next" to view statistics for each modality.


ServiceTrakTM Methodology

IMV's ServiceTrakTM Imaging surveys are conducted on a semiannual basis with reports delivered in July and January. The surveys are conducted evenly throughout each six-month period, such that approximately one-quarter of the surveys for each report will be conducted in each quarter of the year.

ServiceTrakTM ratings are collected using a 10-point scale, where 10 = "excellent" and 1 = "very poor."

The survey is divided into sections, allowing respondents to focus on each specific area independently:

  • Manufacturer performance
  • System performance
  • OEM service performance

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