The 2017 ServiceTrak Imaging X-Ray Mammography Systems report starts with an overview of customer satisfaction with the major manufacturers in the industry. This is followed by individual company chapters, where each manufacturer’s ratings from their users on over 37 different attributes are shown. All ratings for ServiceTrak are collected through personal telephone interviews with imaging professionals. Most ratings are on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1=Very Poor and 10=Excellent. Subscribers to the ServiceTrak report receive unbiased evaluations of industry-wide performance allowing comparisons between the major manufacturers in the industry. In 2017 and 2018, bi-annual reports are provided giving manufacturers the ability to monitor changes in service performance every 6 months.

Each ServiceTrak Imaging report contains extensive data with the following features:


  • Industry Average ratings for each attribute
  • Manufacturer-specific average ratings for each attribute
  • Distribution of ratings from Very Poor to Excellent
  • Percent Highly Satisfied responses for all rating attributes
  • Three-year trends for most attributes
Annual statistical analysis using binomial logistic regression to identifies the Key Drivers impacting ratings for:
  • Probability of Repurchase
  • Overall Manufacturer Performance
  • Overall System Performance
  • Overall Service Performance
Service Performance is examined in detail by focusing on:
  • Phone and Remote Support
  • Service Engineers
  • Response Times
Additional segmentation of the results by:
  • Major instrument models for each manufacturer, where applicable

Quick Read

  • Available in August 2017 and January 2018
  • Ratings and analysis for:
  •   GE Healthcare
      Siemens Healthcare

  • Approximately 200 pages
  • Data Formats: Interactive Tableau Workbook and Excel data files


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