This report summarizes the results of interviews conducted with sites participating in IMV Medical Information Division's census of U.S. hospital and non-hospital facilities that perform radiation therapy treatments. Interviews were conducted from March 2016 through March 2017. The report covers national trends in treatment visits, courses of treatment, types of cancers treated, features and manufacturers of installed equipment (including linear accelerators, remote afterloaders, IGRT, treatment planning units, and oncology information systems), equipment buying plans, capital equipment budgets and site operating characteristics.

Key Features

Radiation Therapy Treatment Volume
-Total courses of treatment using radiation therapy - 2006-2016?
-What is the trend in total annual treatment visits since 2006?
-What are the top cancer types treated with radiation?

External Beam Installed Base and Purchase Plans
(includes LINACS, and proton therapy units)
-How many external beam units are installed, by facility type?
-What type of features are being purchased for external beam units?
-What is the brand loyalty of current external beam users?

Related Equipment Used in Radiation Therapy
-What % of sites have Image Guided Radiotherapy
-Who are the manufacturers of the IGRT systems?
-What % of sites have remote afterloaders?
-What is the market share for manufacturers of remote afterloaders? -What is the market share for treatment planning units -what is the brand loyalty of current treatment planning users? -What is the adoption rate for CT, PET/CT and MR simulators?
-Who is gaining share in treatment planning units?
-What % of the treatment plans use CT, MRI or PET?
-What is the trend in average capital budgets per site?

Site Operations Characteristics
-How many FTE radiation therapists, nurses, physicists, dosimetrists, and secretaries are employed per site?
-What is the average number of new patients treated per linear accelerator and per staff type?


2017 Radiation Therapy Market Summary Report

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  • Published: July 2017
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